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Double your BitCoins without ever recruiting… Recruit others and the Sky’s the Limit… This Plan is simplicity itself. It is very simple to understand and very simple to explain to others so that they will quickly and easily understand it too. 

1. Join Merlin Now it's FREE!

2. Send your first gift(s).

3. Start receiving your gifts back in return.

Merlin has five different ‘Round Tables’ and, as new Members join, their gifts are sent to the head of the next table due to receive a gift. Each table receives a ‘Gift’ in rotation; 1, 2, 3, 4 then 5. This means that each table receives 20% of all Gifts (1 in 5).

"Hi Folks!

Well, I am well & truly flabbergasted!.. Am I dreaming or is this for real?!.. Having been on a trek through long and bumpy trips through numerous online businesses, MLM, …

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